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It’s hard to believe that the X-men movie franchise actually came out before the Avengers movie Yet nowadays, the Avengers and all it’s associated movies and collectibles are what is dominating the theaters as well as comic book conventions.

That may be about to change with the latest installment of X-men: Days of Future Past by director Bryan Singer. I’ll be looking at the movie from a movie goer perspective as well as being a comic book aficionado.

X-men: Days of Future Past is an actual two part story that came out in comic book form in 1981 and told a story of how robots, called Sentinels, took over the world by controlling the mutant population in a bleak future time. In an effort to halt the Sentinels, an X-Man went back in time to alter this history from ever happening. This is the general building block for the movie and as a casual movie-goer, sounds very intriguing. The effects are state of the art and there are 2 moments that were really well done: first, the Sentinels (both future and present versions) looked great. Initially, they resembled the T-1000 robot from Terminator 2, but as the movie unfolds, we see that the future versions of the Sentinels actually adapt to the powers of their antagonists. The second is, without a doubt, one of the best scenes made when a mutant named Peter, a speedster, actually can see things in slow motion due to his heightened speed. The room appears to stand still and all the while, Peter moves the guards gun stance into a different position as they are about to attack a group of mutants. This should be seen to really capture the effect in full.

As a comic book aficionado, the story is kept true to form and then additions are made to strengthen as well as explain the story more deeper. The constant battle that Professor X and Magneto have had over the years is explained in more detail, with each side believing he is doing what is good for all of mutant-kind. Also, Bryan Singer takes the time to show glimpses of the past X-Men movies not only to give some historical context, but also to provide hope for the future of mutant-kind.

I recommend this movie for not only being true to it’s original story, but also for explaining the human condition through it’s use of the mutant race relations. 20th Century Fox put a lot of effort into making this movie great visually as well as containing a solid story which I thought was great to see coming from a movie company who has licensed the X-Men franchise and not owned exclusively by Marvel comics.



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