G Con

Comic books, Silver, Bronze, Modern

Dealer Information


 Tables:  $35

Show hours: 10 am to 4 pm

Please contact Leo for other details:  t-c-s@inbox.com





 Who will be at the Show?


First Aid Comics   http://www.firstaidcomics.com/

Latino Scoop      http://latinoscoop.com/

Snowpants Inc

Skull Island Games



Tomkat Shows - Conventions and other goodies

Decapitated Dan & Amy - 8 beads and horror comics

Jeff Battiato - posters and collectibles

Art Palacios - Anime and Manga


Roger Webb - Comic books, collectibles and more

Richard Ortega/Isaac - Comic books

Joe Becerra- Comic books, collectibles and more

Matthew Rickher - Collectibles

Dmen Designs - Unique Collectibles

Adam Christopher - Collectibles

Raphe Che - Comics, collectibles and more

Terry Gill

Mike Karberg

Josh Philips

Randy Smith

Paul M.

Bryan Koltz

Tim Compton

Carl Maliscewski

Michael Imburgia



Chris Martinez

Doc Boucher

Paul Czarnowski

Angel Onofre